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This past year was like no other, for me as well, still struggling to balance safety with mental health. Don't get me wrong, I'm super fortunate to have all my family & friends around safe and sound.

But others haven't been so lucky as we are. That's why I decided to donate my birthday to support my extended families together with Habitat for Humanity. This time we're raising donations to finish the houses for 4 families in Berceni, Prahova. I would be super happy to see them move in their new houses by the end of the year.

Everybody suggests to #stayhome, but what happens with the vulnerable families who can't afford one? Unfortunately, not all people have a safe place to live & that they can call home. For many families their houses are just some insecure places where their health is all the time at risk :(

We, as human beings, are responsible to help them with as much as we can. Please support my mission & share the news, maybe others will resonate with this & get involved.

Any amount matters, every kind thought as well ❤️

Forever grateful 🙏